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Direct Market Touch Ltd (DMT)

Hallbrook have been investigating the dealings of DMT since 2019, during which time we identified very serious breaches of the rules and regulations. These findings were immediately brought to the attention of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) who have subsequently carried out their own internal investigation of the firm.

Hallbrook have continued to work with and assist the FSCS throughout their investigation which was concluded in November 2020. Official FSCS updates can be found on their website by visiting the following link

We are also pleased to confirm that individual claims are now being assessed, some of our clients have already been compensated and we are currently dealing with several requests for further information In relation to other claims.

Considering the evidence that we have already presented to the FSCS, we are confident that these are procedural requests and are unlikely to affect a successful outcome for the claimant.

Hallbrook are currently representing over 280 former clients of DMT. If you have dealt with DMT but are yet to submit a claim you can do so directly with the FSCS. Or if you would prefer to hand it all over to an expert then please contact us on Freephone 0808 2 818 717 we will be happy to assist.


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