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About Us

For over 13 years, Hallbrook have worked extremely hard to maintain trust and clarity in the financial industry. We hold financial companies and institutions accountable for their actions and make sure that accurate financial information is available to people like you. To date, our team have helped our clients receive justice and over £60 million in compensation.

Hallbrook Partners was formed in 2008 by a team of experienced financial services professionals. It was a turbulent time with the UK and the rest of the world experiencing a global financial crisis. Millions of people lost money. Lehman Brothers collapsed. Massive banks had to be bailed out with billions of taxpayers’ money.


We believed that the biggest issue with investment advice and indeed financial services at the time was commission. The drive to earn commission led salespeople to mis-sell pensions, investments and mortgages to thousands of people. It happened then and it’s still happening today.


We began fighting back by providing a resource of unbiased, independent information and guidance, allowing investors to fact check any recommendation brought to them by a cold calling broker. Many of the investors we spoke to during this time had suffered substantial financial losses, sometimes on an eye watering scale.


Our information allowed investors to seek financial redress but we wanted to do more, so in order to assist in the claims process, Hallbrook Partners became authorised and regulated to conduct claims management activities in 2010 and from that point on we have focused on helping thousands of investors to seek the financial redress they're entitled to.

I really appreciate your  professional and supportive approach, as well as the speedy result you were able to achieve.

Duxford, Cambridgeshire

Since then, we’ve successfully represented over 7,500 clients, helping them receive over £60million in compensation. This hasn’t been easy and we’ve had to be persistent and fight many technical and legal arguments for our clients. Now we believe that our unrivalled experience makes us the market leader.


Financial claims are our area of specialist expertise whether it’s the mis-selling of SIPPs and pensions, ISAs, equity release mortgages, or stocks, shares and bonds. We’ve employed technical experts within this unique field and we believe we have an unparalleled knowledge of negligence, the evidence requirements and third party records to support our clients’ claims.


Where necessary, we will also instruct a range of independent experts such as regulatory solicitors, specialist barristers and fraud experts to strengthen our arguments, leaving no stone unturned to help our clients.


They overcame all obstacles, including an original refusal of my claim. I can't praise Hallbrook enough.

Westerham, Kent

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