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Catalyst Investment Group Ltd, Arc Equities Ltd & Arc Fund Management Ltd

Hallbrook have been investigating the dealings of the above firms for some time and have already submitted many successful claims to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

All three firms were involved in the sale of unquoted company shares either by direct offer for sale or as part of EIS collective investment schemes between 2002 and 2008. All of the investments carried a significant risk of failure and were highly illiquid, meaning they were difficult to sell. Most, if not all of the investments have now failed resulting in the loss of approx. £30million to investors.

Hallbrook’s investigation reviewed thousands of documents, hundreds of client testimonials and we commissioned a detailed report from an independent fraud expert. The independent expert witness reported that the marketing material contained grossly misleading information that he believed was designed to deliberately mislead investors. He stated that Investors were led to believe that their investment funds were going to help the businesses concerned and that they would profit from the growth of the businesses when in fact, Arc or Catalyst related companies were taking the money.

The Firms were in our view working in concert with each other for the personal enrichment of connected parties and they utilised complex structures to mislead and hide Information from the investor. This complexity has resulted in certain Investments/claim types being rejected by the FSCS on legal technicalities. We are In the process of appealing these decisions as we disagree with the rejections and we remain confident that our arguments will ultimately be successful.

To that end we Instructed a renowned barrister in the field of high-value financial product mis-selling litigation in our pursuit for justice. We will continue to fight for former clients of these firms, leaving no stone unturned and we are confident that claims will ultimately be successful.

If you have dealt with Catalyst Investment Group Ltd, Arc Equities Ltd or Arc Fund Management Ltd and have invested in any of the investments listed below we would like to speak with. You may hold valuable information that may assist in our investigations and ultimately prove vital in achieving justice for all involved.

Offer for Sale & Prospectus investments

B Fresh

Jumbo Signs

ValleyCare ltd


Charolais Investment Company

Consolidated Vending

Branded Leisure

S&M Café

Longlife Health

The Weather Lottery

Business Gold Corporation

Dualglo plc

Traction Technology

European Insurance Holdings

Squaremile Capital

Turnaround Capital

Aerodean Holdings


EIS Fund investments

Catalyst EIS 1

Catalyst EIS 2

Stargate EIS Green

Stargate EIS Growth

Arm Capital Growth Bond

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